CCN Available Course Numbers

Rubric Description
AAST African American Studies [previously AAS]
ABDY Auto Body
ACT Activities: General I
ACTA Activities: General II
ACTG Accounting
ACTV Activities: Varsity
AGBE Agricultural Business & Economics
AGED Agricultural Education
AGSC Agricultural Sciences
AGTE Agriculture Technology
AHAT Allied Health: Athletic Training
AHHS Allied Health: Health Sciences
AHMA Allied Health: Medical Assisting
AHMS Allied Health: Medical Support
AHMT Allied Health Medical Laboratory Technology
AHPT Allied Health: Physical Therapy
AHRC Allied Health: Respiratory Care
AHST Allied Health: Surgical Technician
AHUS Allied Health: Ultrasound
AHXR Allied Health: Radiologic Technology
AMGT Administrative Management [previously TASK]
AMST American Studies
ANSC Animal Science
ANTY Anthropology
ARAB Languages: Arabic
ARCH Architecture
ARTH Art: Art History
ARTJ Art: Jewelry
ARTZ Art: Visual Arts
AS Asian Studies
AST Auto Service Technician
ASTR Astronomy
ATDI Automotive/Diesel
AVFT Aviation Flight Training
AVMT Aviation Maintenance Training
BCH Biochemistry
BFIN Business: Finance
BGEN Business: General
BIOB Biology: General
BIOE Biology: Ecology
BIOH Biology: Human
BIOM Biology: Micro
BIOO Biology: Organismal
BMGT Business: Management
BMIS Business: Managment Information Systems
BMKT Business: Marketing
BREW Brewing Science
CAPP Computer Applications
CAS Chemical Addiction Studies
CHIN Languages: Chinese
CHMY Chemistry
CHTH Community Health
CIE Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
CJLE Law Enforcement
CJUS Criminal Justice
CLAS Classics
CMLD Community Leadership
COA Coaching
COLS College Success
COMX Communication
CORR Corrosion Technology
CRWR Creative Writing
CSCI Computer Science/Programming
CSD Communicative Sciences & Disorders
CSTN Construction Trades
CTE Career and Technical Education
CULA Culinary Arts
DANC Dance
DDSN Drafting Design
DENT Dental
DST Diesel Service Technician
EASL English as an Academic Second Language
EBIO Engineering: Biological
EBME Engineering, BioMEdical
ECHM Engineering: Chemical
ECIV Engineering: Civil
ECNS Economics
ECP Emergency Care Provider
EDEC Early Childhood Education
EDM Education Methods
EDP Education Practicum
EDS Education Student Teaching
EDSP Special Education
EDU Education
EELE Engineering: Electrical
EENV Engineering: Environmental
EFIN Financial Engineering
EGEN Engineering: General
EIND Engineering: Industrial
ELCT Electrical Technology
EMAT Engineering: Materials
EMEC Engineering: Mechanical
EMET Engineering: Metallurgical
ENSC Environmental Sciences
ENST Environmental Studies
ENT English Teaching
EQUH Equine Horsemanship
EQUS Equine Sciences
ERTH Geoscience: Earth Systems
ESOF Software Engineering
ETCC Engineering: Civil & Construction Tech
ETEC Electronics Technology
ETME Engineering: Mechanical Engineering Technology
EWLD Engineering: Welding
FIRE Fire and Emergency Services
FM Facility Management [previously BME/FME]
FORS Forestry
FRCH Languages: French
FT Firearms Technology
GBLD Global Leadership
GDSN Graphic Design
GEO Geoscience: Geology
GEOE Geoscience: Geological Engineering
GEOP Geoscience: Geophysical Engineering
GH Global Humanities
GPHY Geoscience: Geography
GRK Languages: Greek
GRMN Languages: German
HADM Health Administration
HCI Health Care Informatics
HDFS Human Development and Family Science
HEE Health Enhancement
HEO Heavy Equipment Operation
HIT Health Information Technology
HLD Human Leadership Development
HMED Human Medicine
HONR Honors
HORT Horticulture & Landscape Design
HPRV Historic Preservation
HS Human Services
HSTA History: American
HSTR History: World
HTH Health
HTR Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
HVC Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology
IDSN Interior Design
INS Insurance
IRSH Languages: Irish
ITLN Languages: Italian
ITS Information Technology Systems
JPNS Languages: Japanese
JRNL Journalism
KIN Kinesiology
LARC Landscape Architecture
LATN Languages: Latin
LEG Paralegal
LIBM Library Media
LIFE LIFE Scholars
LING Linguistics
LIT Literature
LS Liberal Studies
LSCI Library Science
LSH Liberal Studies and Humanities
M Mathematics
MART Media Arts
MAS Military Aerospace Studies
MBEH Microbiology Environmental Health
MCH Machining and Manufacturing Technology
MIN Engineering: Mining
MOR Museum of the Rockies
MSL Military Science Leadership
MTPR Meat Processing
MUSE Music: Education
MUSI Music
MUST Music: Technology
MYC Montana Youth Challenge
NARS National Academy of Railroad Sciences
NASX Native American Studies
NEUR Neuroscience
NPAD Nonprofit Administration
NRGY Sustainable Energy
NRSG Nursing
NRSM Natural Resources Science & Management
NTS Networking Technology Systems
NUTR Nutrition
OSH Occupational Safety and Health
PET Engineering: Petroleum
PHAR Pharmacy
PHL Philosophy
PHOT Photography
PHSX Physics
PLTT Photonics and Laser Technology Technician
PLUM Plumbing
PPT Process Plant Technology
PSCI Political Science
PSYX Psychology
PTRM Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management
PUBH Public Health
PWRP Power Plant Technology
RBPF Residential Building Performance
RD Reading
REC Outdoor Recreation
REHA Rehabilitation
RLST Religious Studies
RS Ranching Systems
RUSS Languages: Russian
SET Recreational Power Equipment
SFBS Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems
SHML Sheet Metal
SIGN Languages: Sign
SOCI Sociology
SPNS Languages: Spanish
SRVY Surveying
SSEA South and Southeast Asian Studies
STAT Statistics
SW Social Work
TE Technology Education
TED Traffic Education
THTR Theatre
WGSS Women's and Gender Studies
WILD Fish & Wildlife Science & Management
WLC World Languages and Cultures
WLDG Welding
WRIT Writing

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